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23 10, 2018


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Wrinkle Cream Know how to prevent sagging? Just eat till the wrinkles fill out. I Have Forgotten More Than You Will Ever Learn A young man was giving an old timer a hard time about not being able to remember anything. The Old man replied "Sonny boy I have forgotten more than you will ever [...]

23 10, 2018


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(Since 3rd Quarter 2017) Currently Serving 656 ­­­ Name Position Conference Title YOS Alfonzo Greene, Jr. LRC Pastor 26 Amelia Jones SAC Teacher 12.10 Andre Saunders AWC Pastor 25.4 Aaron Thompkins AEC Pastor 22.3 Barbara Manning AEC Teacher 37.10 Bernard Williams SAC Pastor 30.11 Beverly Alexis NEC Teacher 40.5 Beverly McKenzie SAC Asst. Treasurer 37.5 [...]

23 10, 2018

Hospital Groups Launch Company to Make Generic Drugs

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They aim to fill gaps in supply while cutting prices by about 20 percent by Linda A. Johnson, Associated Press, September 6, 2018 Several major hospital groups Thursday launched their own generic drug company to tackle chronic shortages and high prices. The new company, Civica Rx, plans to start with 14 widely used hospital drugs that have long been [...]

22 10, 2018


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Daily Aspirin Can Harm Healthy Older Adults A new study finds no benefit to outweigh risks for those who haven't already had a heart attack by Kathleen Fifield, AARP, September 17, 2018 Designed to “fill in the gaps” about whether daily low-dose aspirin has benefits for healthy adults over 70 — an age group left unaddressed in existing [...]

22 10, 2018

What Happened

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*This Issue will attempt to recap things that have happened since last we published this Newsletter. We are also addressing other things designed to evoke a positive response. Please understand from the beginning that this attempt will leave some out. In those cases, please contact us at   We have moved – In January [...]