29 05, 2014

Middle Class Membership Intiative

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Introduction The Seventh-day Adventist Church ranks among the smaller protestant bodies in America. It is estimated that 80 percent of the black church in America are members of the seven major black denominations.[1] The story of black people in the American Seventh-day Adventist Church, however, is one of intrigue and interest, loyalty and longsuffering, participation [...]

5 03, 2014

Regional Work

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Regional Conference Map and Statistics Members Churches Pastors Schools Teachers Text Regional Conferences Allegheny East Conference Total Membership   37,303 Churches                   126 Pastors                       113 Schools                      12 Teachers                    70 . Allegheny West Conference Total Membership      14,482 Churches                       55 Pastors                           33 Schools                          2 Teachers                       12 [...]