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checklistIn this space you will find the necessary handbooks and forms for completing your application for benefits. The Participants Guide is the most important because it gives a concise review of employee eligibility for benefits and what is required to earn them. Reading and understanding it is very important and will require a fair amount of your time because it is a subject with which you have had limited exposure. So, please take the time to study it.The forms are placed here for your convenience and familiarity.
Becoming familiar with them will reduce anxiety when you begin the application process. You may fill them out online and forward them to Secretariat in your conference. While this is convenient and expeditious, some forms and documents require a signature and presentation only in the presence of the certifying office of the conference.Secretariat is the first and most important stop in the application process because all of your records are retained there.
Please review these forms and documents carefully and contact Secretariat in your conference office for answers to any questions. However, The Retirement Office is also available for any questions you may have.