The Seventh-day Adventist Regional Conference Retirement Plan

Helping God’s workers  retire with dignity.

The Plan

“The Plan” is an insightful video interview in the words of the designers.

  • Testimonies and details from the framers of “The Plan”
  • History nuggets about The Regional Work.
  • Outline of the struggle and the victories of implementing “The Plan.”

The Regional Conference Retirement Plan @ a Glance

Those who are aware of our brief history know that its existence is an act of God. Humans cannot know the times and the seasons and could not have orchestrated the circumstances that led to its creation. It had to be the Lord. Our simple mission is to provide a reasonable retirement for those workers who have made Herculean sacrifices over their life times “for the good of the work.” The funds are provided from the bounty that the people of God have faithfully placed into the storehouse. Happily and thankfully these workers are also part and parcel of the faithful who have given their lives in time and talent.

Moving around in the conferences of the North American Division of our Church, reveals that “retirement with dignity” for those on this Retirement Plan and the other retirement plans in this Division is a constantly recurring refrain. Retirement with dignity continues to be our goal.
  • Opened for Business: January 1, 2000
  • Defined Benefits Plan
  • Sponsors: The Nine Regional Conferences of the North American Division
  • Current number of covered lives: 1700
  • Retirees as of November 2011: 342
  • Funding Source: 10.25% of Tithes from the Sponsoring Regional Conferences
  • Number of Years for Vesting – 5
  • Number of Years of Service Credit for full benefits – 30
  • Percentage of Salary Calculated for Benefits: – 67.5% of the average of the highest 3 years in a career.
Years Open for Enrollment
Number of Enrolled
Number of Active Retirees
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  • Details all the information that pertains to retirement from the regional work.
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